Firstly, an explanation; What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

It’s a new initiative, with the force of law, that means that you can have your say of the future development within the Parish of Illogan.

The plan will cover the whole Parish(see map), & by law it must reflect local people’s views of how they wish their area to develop. This includes not only local residents, but landowners, business owners & people who work in the Parish or wish to move to the area.


OS Map
OS Map | Illogan Parish, Cornwall

If you take advantage of our public footpaths, woods and open spaces that surround us you will surely have an opinion about which parts of our Parish you would like to preserve for future generations.

The Parish has a number of historically interesting buildings, and landscape features that have played an important part in making the area we live in what it is today. Every resident, business, surgery, community group is a stakeholder in our future and we want you to get involved in developing our Neighbourhood Plan.

Many of you have already become involved by completing & submitting the extensive survey that was circulated towards the end of last year, and attended the consultation events that took place in early March 2017.

There will be other opportunities to engage with, and inform this process to make a real difference, so please keep up to date with the ‘latest information’ section of this website.

A short video ‘Understanding Neighbourhood Planning’ can be viewed here;

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